Here are some videos about Fleischer history, the restoration process and more!

A quick clip about Max Fleischer and his pioneering work in animation.
See how Christmas Comes But Once A Year was restored by our team.
How To Restore a 100 Year Old Cartoon. Produced by Adam Savage of Tested and featuring restoration expert Steve Stanchfield.
Check out this comparison between a typical 16mm print of The Cobweb Hotel and the version restored from the Original Camera negative.
Here’s a quick introduction to the major Fleischer cartoon characters.
Check out our side-by-side comparison of our restoration of KoKo The Kid (1927).
Take a look at Betty Boop’s transformation from her initial appearance as a dog in Dizzy Dishes into the Betty we know and love.
A little bit of Fleischer humor! A special thanks to Fleischer historian Ray Pointer for this clip.