This filmography contains nearly 700 titles, starting with the earliest Fleischer film in 1919 and covering all subsequent work by Max and Dave Fleischer through the Fleischer Studios years. 

Some things to know:

  • Spellings of names vary. Sometimes Koko was spelled with a hyphen, sometimes not. Also, with cast and crew names, sometimes the full name was used, other times a shortened version (Isidore or Izzy Sparber). Wherever we could, we followed the spelling on the actual film.
  • In some instances, a film had two or more titles (The Automobile Ride; AKA The Flivver Trip). In other instances, the same title was used for two different films, released at different times (The Sidewalks of New York, released in 1925 and 1929).

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online database form by Ragic
online database form by Ragic