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Max Fleischer is one of the most renown pioneers in animation. From 1919 to 1942, he and his company, Fleischer Studios, produced nearly 700 cartoons. Among his many achievements, his studio was the first to animate both Popeye and Superman — and he created the legendary Betty Boop, who remains an icon of American culture to this day.

Yet despite Fleischer’s major and prolific achievements, there is no comprehensive collection of his work.

Our mission is to collect all of the Fleischer cartoons that remain today, restore them, and gather them into a single digital space so they can be seen by audiences as Max Fleischer intended.

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Rotoscope Patent Illustration


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This filmography contains nearly 700 titles, starting with the earliest Fleischer film in 1919 and covering all subsequent work by Max and Dave Fleischer through the Fleischer Studios years.